Tempera Painting-Some Fundamental Things to Know about the Style of Painting

This article is primarily focused in getting some basic facts of information about Tempera painting as we have just hinted in the title. There will be made an attempt to look at the definition of the style, the time when it was used by painters and as well have a look at the properties of the painting style. Continue reading and see most of all these in their very detail about Tempera painting as we have touched on them below.

First and foremost, we will look at the definition of what Tempera painting is. In this painting, you will realize that the name is derived from the painting medium which is known as Tempera. Tempera is such a medium that consists of a colored pigment mixed with an emulsion of water and yolk, often the binder. Tempera is known for the fact that it quite does dry so fast and as well will prove to be such a long lasting paint work. Now, the Tempera paintings are simply those paint jobs done out of this medium. The painting job actually starts off at the time when you have the pigment ground into powder and then put inside a palette and thereon add some drops of water on to the ground pigments. After you have so added water to the ground pigment, you will have the egg yolk binder added to the mixture in small quantities so as to ensure that you end up with a mixture that is as transparent as possible in the end. For the sake of ensuring the best quality of the paint out of a Tempera paint, you must make sure that you have indeed maintained the consistency of the paint job so by adding water in little bits to the final texture and quality you so desire to have.

The next thing we are going to look at is the period when it was used. It is actually a painting type that is believed to have originated from the classical times. Reading a number of the ancient literature from a number of backgrounds, the Latin, Greek and Egyptian content will get you an insight in to this general feeling that this painting actually goes back to the ancient days of their history.

You will realize that quite a number of the works of art used this medium and so it is generally regarded as one of the most common forms adopted by artists in these times. In the following years and centuries, Tempera gained a lot of popularity in many regions of Europe and Asia as well and was highly favored by many artists.

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